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Abz, the founder of PuddingBoxes began his business the age of 12.

It all began when Abz had an idea to raise money for charity at school by selling desserts which Abz absolutely loved! It was a huge hit at school, Abz loved making people happy with his dessert and wanted to make his desserts available for everyone.

Abz started DessertVan.co.uk. It was a huge success, more than he could have ever hope for. Abz told his story and dreams and had over 160,000 views on facebook and then went on to be interviewed on TV by many news channel's. In 2017 Abz won an award for his business. Now at the age of 14, Abz has had so much support and success that his single van can not meet all of his demand and therefore he has decided to launch Puddingboxes.com. "I want everyone to be able to enjoy these delicious desserts" - Abz Navsarka


Young Achiever of The Year 2017

Finalist of Young Entrepreneur of The 2018

Watch his Facebook video here  

Watch his ITV News interview here